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Snowboard hire and sale, snowboard boots, bindings, and


Snowboarding is part of freestyle sports. Freestyle snowboarding is characterised by a free style that requires advanced technical skills. Both rental and sale of snowboards are available for beginners and experienced snowboarders at the ski rental San Vigilio di Marebbe - SnowShop.

We distinguish mainly between freestyle snowboards (soft boards) and hard snowboards. Hard snowboards, which are similar to the classic version of alpine skiing, require a specific technique to make turns on the edge. 

Hard snowboarding requires already acquired technical skills. Beginners should start with a freestyle (soft) board. Renting a snowboard suited to one's skill level to learn the basic techniques is essential.

Freestyle snowboarding is the most common version of the sport and offers great creative freedom. After mastering the basic techniques, snowboarders can start performing creative manoeuvres and jumps. However, continuity and dedication are essential. The Kronplatz / Plan de Corones ski resort offers a snowpark for all levels. It is the ideal place to improve your skills and get inspired by experienced riders. 

Our rental service in San Vigilio offers a wide selection of snowboards for beginners and advanced snowboarders. We also have snowboard bindings and boots available. We advise beginners to rent a board. Once you have acquired the necessary skills and developed a passion for snowboarding, it is advisable to invest in a board suited to your level in order to establish trust in the equipment. Buy your snowboard at favourable prices from us. 

Let's also clarify a cliché: you don't need to know how to ski to start snowboarding! Even young children can learn to snowboard from the age of 4. We are proud to offer equipment that is also suitable for young snowboarders and invite everyone to try this wonderful experience. Children's snowboards are not for sale. Rental is definitely the best choice. 

So, don't worry and let yourself be carried away by the excitement of this adventure. Choose the rental or purchase of a snowboard that suits your needs and enjoy the fun in the snow.