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Snowshoe rental

Snowshoe hire and sale: discover the thrill of walking on snow in unspoilt nature - visit us at San Vigilio - SnowShop

Snowshoe hire allows you to tackle the snow without sinking. These tools, to be used with snow boots or sturdy hiking boots, make it easier for you when walking in fresh snow, making each step lighter.

Imagine being on a meter of freshly fallen snow. Without snowshoes, every step turns into an nightmare, with your leg sinking completely. However, thanks to their shape, snowshoes prevent your foot from sinking, giving you stability and comfort.

In addition, if you want to walk on steep or icy trails, snowshoes are equipped with small crampons that protect you from slipping, thus increasing your safety. Our rental shop provides you with various models for your specific needs. Snowshoes are also on sale.

Similar to cross-country skiing, snowshoes are ideal for those who wish to explore the Dolomites in their unspoilt nature. Unlike skiing, however, snowshoes also allow you to venture into the mountains, allowing you to climb peaks as you would with touring skis. 

The San Vigilio di Marebbe tourist board regularly organises very exciting snowshoe hikes. The walks are suitable for everyone and require no special mountaineering skills.

If you want to relax, immerse yourself in nature, and get rid of accumulated stress, renting snowshoes is the perfect solution. Come to our rental shop and try them out.